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By MIG2-Nuneaton News  |  Posted: July 12, 2013

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NUNEATON is in the top 100 contenders of the worst places to live in the country.

The publishers of a book identifying the ‘crap towns’ in the UK have placed Nuneaton in the longlist of 100, in fact, the town’s name even features on the front cover of ‘Crap Towns Returns.’

Bedworth does not feature in the book but neighbouring Coventry, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Leamington Spa are on the list.

But Nuneaton’s inclusion in the book has angered those who are desperately trying to promote its best features and attract investment into the area.

Nuneaton’s MP Marcus Jones said: “I don’t recognise this list as having any authority or credence, they cannot justify their list with evidence and it makes you wonder how it’s been compiled. I suspect that the writers of the list may have never even visited our town.

“No town is perfect and we can always improve, but we have unemployment at just over half the national average and new businesses being created at one of the fastest rates in the country, so we must take this list with a pinch of salt.”

Residents have leapt to the defence of their hometown, taking to the Nuneaton News Facebook page to leave their comments.

Phil Richards posted: “Definitely not the worst and doesn’t deserve to be on this list.I love my sunny Nunny.”

While Colin Bishop said: “It is a national occupation, ‘knocking Nuneaton’ has been since the BBC Tonight programme came to town in 1957.

“The BBC Tonight programme visited Nuneaton and upset the town. Slim Hewitt the reporter was very sarcastic about Nuneaton and referred to George Eliot as a man.

“However, just because someone says it is ‘crap’ does not make it so, but then again, take any topic you like that gets mentioned and try and find someone being pro-active about Nuneaton. It is jam-packed full of negataive comments about the town, its council, its councillors.

“Can it change? ?Of course it can change. Stop being so negative. it is time to be pro-active, starting right now.”

Similar comments were made by David Reece, who posted: “Being as England only has about 1500-2000 ( depending on what you class as a town and what site you get your list from!) the odds of being on the list are only 15-1 / 20-1, quite good odds that your home town will be on it! As for Nuneaton being ‘crap,’ well surely every hamlet, village, town and city is ‘crap‘ if you ask the right ( or wrong ) people? I have lived in Nuneaton all my life ( born at home in St Nic Park Drive, 1969 ) and I love this town just as much as I hate it sometimes, but ‘crap’? Never.”

Mick Russell said: “Nuneaton born and bred, as others have said no worse than some of the places I have had the misfortune of visiting around the country in the course of my work. Also not the pretteist by a long shot. My main concern with Nunny after the shop issue is the roads, now they are some of the worst in the country!”

But Cyder Annie wrote: “When I moved to Nuneaton some 47 years ago I fell in love with this beautiful, interesting market town. I loved shopping in our town centre coming from a small village I found it welcoming, exciting and vibrant. Lots of things have changed and not all for the better. Nuneaton has become a planners dream and a shoppers nightmare. Gone are all the little independent shops replaced by big stores that are in every town centre all over the country.”

Austin Bailey simply posted: “What a shocker.”

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