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Blue badge cuts

By MIG2-Nuneaton News  |  Posted: March 02, 2011

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A WHOPPING ten per cent of residents across Nuneaton and Bedworth will be hit by plans to stop free parking for disabled drivers.

Figures obtained by the News have revealed that out of the 120,000 strong population of the borough,10,297 residents have been issued with blue badges.

These blue badges had allowed them to park for free in the two town centres but Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council have taken the decision to put a stop to this.

Facing having to find £1.6m in savings this year, the cash-strapped local authority say stopping the free parking will save £50,000.

Bringing in a disabled parking charge will also help safeguard the future of the Shopmobility service, which is run in partnership with the Disabled Information Advice Line (DIAL) and provides help, support and services for disabled people.

But no decision on how much the charge for disabled drivers to park in the town centres, nor when it will come into force, has yet been made.

The borough council is due to start discussions with those who are due to be affected by the decision to come to a fair conclusion.

It is understood that an in-depth consultation will start between the Town Hall, DIAL and shopmobility users, as well as other interested parties in a matter of weeks.

When unveiling the budget, which included stopping the free blue badge parking, council leader, councillor Dennis Harvey explained: "We are aware that many people give up their time for others, and no Mr Cameron you `big society' is not a new idea, and so we will aim to keep the Shopmobility service by asking blue badge holders to pay for parking like other residents. Many people, both with and without disabilities, have spoken to us or written to us about this and believe it would be fairer."

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  • MIG2-Nuneaton News  |  April 10 2011, 10:35PM

    is this to be a sign of things t9 come? first, nuneaton, then birmingham, then bristol, and so on etc. etc. GOD help all disabled people who are already paying a high price just to live. shame shame.

  • MIG2-Nuneaton News  |  March 02 2011, 12:29PM

    i will be takeing my custom elsewhere if have to pay parking gharges also whats the diffrence betreen big socity by conservitives and big brother by labour ansewer none

  • MIG2-Nuneaton News  |  March 02 2011, 10:25AM

    Ms.Harrison.Re "Blue badge". Why do you try to sensationalise your comments?-we live in England,not New York.Drop the words "A whopping", simply start it "Ten per cent";change "have revealed" to "show" and delete the word "strong" as in 120,000 population, Your reports could be whittled down to half their size if you just stuck to the facts instead of try to glamorise all you type. As a tip, pretend you are writing for a quality newspaper instead of one of the "red tops". I hope to see an improvement in your work soon. Best wishes, Tom.

  • MIG2-Nuneaton News  |  March 02 2011, 9:11AM

    I bet Coventry will look forward to an upsurge in disabled customers

  • MIG2-Nuneaton News  |  March 02 2011, 8:35AM

    blue badge holders will just park on yellow lines more.